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My name is Bart Mahoney. On another thread about 2007 vs. 2008 business performance, I was compelled to share some info about my position as the House/teaching Pro at Hardtimes, Sacramento.

After personally speaking with a room owner from the east coast, who contacted me through the other thread via Hardtimes, I offered another post this evening (on the other thread) about the PGA vs. Pool.

After completing it I want to share a brief experience supporting my teaching pro philosophy.

I attended the World Nationals in Reno this past December. I sat with Alan Shuffet, Brandon Shuffet's father, during his son's match. He was playing a player from China and during the match the player turned and spoke with his coach.

The Amercian junior representatives (adults) immediately seeked out the WPA rules about coaching. It did not seem right but sure enough in the rules it said that a player could approach their coach, but the coach could not initiate conversation with the player.

The American reps concluded that this would have to be addressed with the WPA.

Since it was not my business, but I was listening, I was far more interested in watching the match. Brandon made a brilliant comeback from 7-2 down to a 9-7 win.

Now talking about the need for house pros to prop up the business of owning a pool room, I am in agreement with the WPA rule.

Nearly every country had coaches at the matches available to assist their junior players. Without sharking or interfering with their player's opponent, The problem for me is that their were not any USA coaches (ringside) to assist our players.

Austin Murphy and I play out of the same room. On occasion we discuss pool. I have to think how much better he could become with a coach in his corner.

Is it not our responsibility to help guide our children through to adulthood?

Something is wrong here in the USA, and the teaching pro is my answer.

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Stan Shuffett is Landon Shuffett's father. Two finer people in the pool world you will not find.

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Stand corrected

JCIN said:
Stan Shuffett is Landon Shuffett's father. Two finer people in the pool world you will not find.

No excuses other that I am over fifity and it was my first and only meeting with the Shuffetts.

And yes, they were top class people. Family, parental support, a very respectful young Landon. Obviously we need more people like the Shuffetts' in our sport

thank you for setting me straight.