Varner Finally Snaps Off Senior One Pocket


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The Eighth Annual Senior One Pocket Championship was held this past weekend at Bogies in Houston, TX. Owner Cody Parish and his staff welcomed players and fans back to Bogies. Immediate Smiles, & Bogies added $5,000 to this double elimination event. To qualify for this event, players had to turn 65 before the end of this year. They came from around the country and a full field of 32 players ponied up their $200 entry fees. Races were to four on the winners side and to three on the one loss side – finals were true double elimination. Returning players included Jerry Matchin, Scott Kitto, James Davis Sr., John Di Toro, Sammy Jones, Mark Dimick and Joey Aguzin. Making their first appearance was BCA and One Pocket Hall of Famer Jose Parica, the legendary David Matlock and Houston area straight shooter Tommy Sanders.

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