Video Introducing Strokepool

Colin Colenso

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I've been developing a pure offense, entertaining shot making game for several years and have settled on the version shown in this introductory video.

It addresses several aspects that I feel diminish other pool games, in terms of player development and entertainment. Granted, this game will not be for all, but I think there is a space for offensive style games that encourage players to take on low percentage / advanced shots.

It is a rotation game, but much harder to run a rack, due to the additional requirement to encounter 2 rails or move 2 balls on any shot to progress.

It is scored 14.1 style, rather than all the rewards going to the last ball. The reward for potting the last ball is getting the next break only.

The break is a free shot, hence always advantageous. However, as it is much rarer to run a rack, especially if 11 balls are used, breaking luck or skill plays a minor role in the outcome.

I'd think this style of game would suit Earl Strickland, who clearly gets frustrated with all the tip-tapping and snookering.

Take a look at the video intro and let me know your thoughts. I refer to this pro-version of the game as 2 Rail. Beginners can play it without a rail requirement.