Want to review a new book before it's published?


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I am writing a billiards/pool instructional book that is targeted for players that want to have more fun when they do practice drills. If you would like to review my book before it is published, please submit a reply or PM me with the following information:

-Your Name:
-Years of Billiard/Pool Experience:
-Will you read the entire book and provide constructive feedback within 4 weeks? (Yes/No)
-Why should you be selected as a reviewer?

I will select a handful of submissions in a few days to be reviewers. Each reviewer will receive a free copy of the book within about 2 weeks. Anyone who contributes to the book will be given credit on the acknowledgements page.

Reviewers must live in the United States.


I am now 58 years old and I have played the game since I was a kid.

Today I'm an advanced amateur. I frequently help other players on the journey with instructions. Often I am asked what books and or videos I recommend.

One of the first books I got was mastering pool by George Fels. I read that book in about 28 hhours because I was starved for information at that time (about 1980). Today I have several books and videos.

I was starved for practice drills in the 80's and 90's. At my age it's hard to be disciplined enough to do the drills I know today.

I would love an opportunity to check out your book.


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Jeremiah is a super cool guy, a solid player and a great asset to our local pool community here in New Mexico. If you don't get enough response on this thread J let me know I would love to review your book though I think there are more qualified people on az who may be interested.

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Barnabus McDoug

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-Brooks McAllister
-1.5 years pool experience
-Will definitely give constructive feedback

I feel I should be chosen for this book review as I believe I'm your perfect target audience. I bought a cue about a year and a half ago and told myself I want to learn everything I can about the game. As of now I only do a couple drills, because, although I'm very dedicated to learning, the drills don't give me great satisfaction. My favorite game right now is bowlliards and then followed by 7 up (a game posted here on the forum.) I enjoy these because they are fun and I can score myself. I like the idea of being able to see a progression in my play through the use of scoring. If I'm getting (x) score today and double that score in a few months I can see I'm getting better. That's the reason I enjoy these games and not so much the drills. With that said though, I do realize that drills are where it's at. so if I can read your material on making drills fun, I believe I can make my practice sessions mostly drill oriented and hopefully see some great results.

Also, I was born in Albuquerque, if that helps your decision. If not, I'll just buy the book. haha.


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Friendly bump

Did I mention that Jeremiah is a recognised PBIA instructor and a founding member of the Albuquerque billiard club and a cool guy?


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I would be happy to review as well. I've played 20+ years and also I have reviewed numerous books on information security before they hit the shelves.

Brian in VA

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I'd be happy to review it!

Brian Keller

I've been playing for 50 years but didn't take a lesson until I hooked up with Scott Lee about 10 years ago.

Yes, I will read the entire book and provide a critique in general as well as in specific areas if I feel that's needed. (Don't expect me to edit the entire thing; I'm not crazy!)

I've published some articles about one of my other passions, woodworking, and write a blog. (Glad to provide a link if you'd like to read some.) I know what good writing looks like, even if I don't like the subject.

Brian in VA