Watching Color of Money Right Now

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At the scene where Keith McCready first appears in the eyes of Fast Eddie, then pans over to the right....backwards record back on Keith with close up. Classic.


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Now I finally get the movie(s).
You want pool and money to fill the hole inside of you, the hole of insecurity that makes you think dominating others will make you feel better and have it all go away, be successful and whole. And even if it's just for a second - just like a drug.

Well, it ain't work that way, chump :thumbup:


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Keith was great, too. Several of my pool buddies had bit parts in the movie. My ex was in there, but got left on the cutting room floor. I was in the service at the time out of state or I might have gotten a bit part, too.

I own the movie and watch it from time to time. It brings back a lot of memories and it's good to see my friends from years ago. :cool:



Best quote:

"This here is Fast Eddie Felson who the hell are you? The end of the world"

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