What color set of pool balls is best?


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Think it like picking a New Car, go with what rocks your boat. Some people like traditional, other like NFL Team Balls set. The people who manufacture Ball Set, offer many options. Choose what you personally like, as your paying for em.

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I can only speak for myself and always liked the colors on the Centennials. Funny too l always had a soft spot for a pink 4 ball. It just reminds me of the old pool hall l grew up with playing snooker on Brunswick 9 footers. What's more important to me is the cloth, always loved the Simonis in gold. I always felt could see the balls and the depth of the table better.

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Whatever set you get, make sure you have enough light. I bought a cheap light meter on Amazon and found out my home table had less light than my pool hall (Hard Times Bellflower 750 lumens). My table used to have 453 lumens in the center, now I am rockin 782 lumens.
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I find it interesting that even people who are not colorblind have a problem distinguishing between the colors on TV. I am colorblind and hate anything other than the traditional colors. I am also unable to focus with my glasses on and at this time I don't have the money to buy the special billiard glasses, so I also have a hard time reading the numbers. Without traditional colored sets, I am screwed in rotation games. It is hard to map out a rack and remember where every ball is for every game. Sucks at the moment.

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Your table, your balls. It doesn't matter if someone else likes it or not. But you will never see pink, cyclops, NFL or others on my table.

Around ten years ago I had trouble seeing the edge on the six at any distance. It was a furniture grade green that the ball was lost on. Enter a mint condition Gold Crown with new tournament blue 860, problem solved.

The clubhouse where I live has 9' tables with a very dark blue cloth and weak lights. I don't play there. Why in a senior citizen community they would use such a dark color and poor lights is beyond me. Stupid interior designer.


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99.9999 of ball sets aren’t used for tv ( a low estimate). What shows up or not on tv has no impact on what ball set I use on my home table or in the pool hall.

American ‘pro’ pool is almost irrelevant to the sport. Millions play and couldn’t name a pro player and never watch American pool on tv.

Standard ball colours are fine.