What is this worth?


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An old friend has an early Predator Full splice SP. Canadian made. What is the current market price? +/- Butt is in very good condition, the 314 shaft has a very slight bend. Thanks!


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I think you would be better suited listing this in the main forum for a value. I don't necessarily think that cue makers concern themselves with the value of used production cues. I would estimate the value at $150-175 basically because of the butt, which can be converted or a new shaft fitted. Depending on how badly the shaft is warped it could have no value or if it is usable I would say add $100 or so. This is just my opinion, it could sell for more on any given day, some people are nostalgic if it was one of the first cues they owned.


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Maybe sell the butt for $200- $250. It’s retired/discontinued.