What kind of table is this?


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I just received this pool table (in pieces) and am planning on refinishing it, as it's in rough shape.

It needs a few things, but mostly I want to figure out what type of table it is?

I know it's a Brunswick, but just want to make sure it's authentic (are fakes common?), maybe what year it's from, etc.

Thanks! I'm very new to this so forgive me for any oversights. If this picture isn't enough, any help on where to look would be appreciated. Like I said, it's currently in pieces.


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That's a Brunswick Sport King that is missing it's blinds (aprons). Made from the late 40s to mid 60's. That one has formica rails so probably a late 50's or 60's version. I remember reading an ad for formica rails being available on these tables around 1953.
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