What sets of Aramith balls are compatible with the red circle CB?

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I want to upgrade my set of balls that we use on bar league nights instead of having to play with mis-matched balls.

I see discussions about how you have to use "this CB with this set of balls - you shouldn't use that CB with that set of balls" etc. etc.

We ONLY use the red circle CB.


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I'm in an in house individual league that is using the red circle with Brunswick Centenial Balls & it is driving me nuts.

The red circle ball is lighter & you can draw the hell of it but you can not drive it very well with top follow. You just can not move the ball much past the tangent line, at least not without extreme effort which is not always good for the shot on the OB.

Just my opinon.

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The Aramith red circle ball is not made from the same resin as the Super Pros/Cents/ or Tournaments. The Super Pros and Centennials are made from the Super Pro resin and the Tournaments are made with the Duramtih resin.

The red circle is made with the "Super Aramith" resin and it does not come with any ball set manufactured by Aramith. The closest would probably be the Aramith Premium or Aramith Premeir sets as the Super Aramith resin seems to fall between these two resins on the price point scale. The red circle ball is essentially a stand alone generic replacement cue ball. It is lower end than the Aramith measle ball or red logo ball, both of which are made from the Super Pro resin and are included in the Super Aramith Pro TV set and Super Aramith Pro traditional set respectively.

As far as weight goes, the red circle is neither lighter or heavier than any balls by definition. Like most everything Aramith makes , the red circle ball is "regulation" (meaning within spec) - which is between 5 1/2 and 6 oz. The problem with weight is that any individual cue ball may be on the light or heavy side of this range and so may react differently depending on the weights of the object balls being used. A 5.5 oz cue ball will play light when matched with a set of object balls that weigh 5.9 oz. each. Conversely, a 5.9 oz. cue ball will play heavy if paired with a set where the balls weigh 5.5 oz.

This is complicated further if the balls being used are not a matched set. Centennials, Super Pros, and Tournaments are matched sets, meaning all the balls in the set should be very close in weight (as well as color and size). Cheaper ball sets are not always matched, so some balls in the set can weight close to 6 oz. while others are closer to 5.5 oz.

Hope this helps.
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Red Circles

There are 2 different Red Cicle balls, a Phenolic ball and a Polyester ball. I have weighed dozens of each and have never had a ball weigh under 5.8oz. or over 6.0oz. I don't know which phenolic material the cue ball is made from, but can't tell any difference in play going from Aramith Pro's to Aramith Tournaments with the Phenolic cue ball. Brian.