What tips and chalk is everyone using?

Greg M

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To preface this, I'm not much of a snooker player. I do dabble in the odd frame from time to time should the opportunity present itself, but my passion is English pool. I thought I'd pose the question, nonetheless, since snooker cues and English pool cues are essentially the same sticks with spec differences. Plus, the English pool subforum is pretty much dead, anyway. Might give me some ideas and suggestions for my English pool cue.

I'm currently using an Elk Master on my snooker cue and a medium Elk Pro on my English pool cue, but I do have medium and super soft ADR147 tips ready to go on my snooker and English pool cues, respectively, once the Elks give out. Heard nothing but good things about them. I'm also interested in Century C1s and Mike Wooldridge Supertips, so I may give them a go, too.

For chalk, I use green Triangle for snooker and Taom 2.0 for English pool. I've also gotten a box of green Master chalk for my break cue, but I'll have a go at using it for my playing cue, too.