What tool do you use to flatten the ferrule when changing the tip?


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Lots of people just use a fine file, just go slow and be very careful to keep the file perfectly flat against the ferrule and in the same plane of motion as you file back and forth or it might be best if you only file in one direction (pushing away from you is probably best). Sometimes you can even just hold the ferrule between your index finger and thumb the same way you would hold a key, and then fairly firmly press the ferrule perfectly flat against the file that is being held in your other hand and then rotate the ferrule back and forth gently in the same type motion that you would turn a key back and forth in a door knob. Again, always be careful to make sure that the ferrule always stays perfectly flat against the file while you rotate the ferrule or while you file with the file either one. I prefer using a single cut file for ferrules if doing tips by hand but whatever you do don't use a curved cut or rasp.

This tool is somewhat similar to the rapid top cue sander but I have no idea what kind of job it does.

This thread has some info about how to get your rapid top cue sander to do a little bit better job if you think it is worth a try.
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sandpaper on the floor. cheapest solution, works fine.

certainly better than those gizmos which are even perpendicular to the shaft center.


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A Rapid Cue Tip sander has worked perfectly for me over the past forty years. Guess one just needs to learn how to use it.


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If you use sandpaper that is too rough, the "sand" will make a slight bevel around the edge of the ferrule and that's not good.

So, use 150 grit or lighter so this doesn't happen.

I can't imagine trying to free-hand it. The Rapid Tip Sander works but some of those (knock-offs it is claimed) are not perpendicular, apparently, so buy carefully.

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