What's a room to do? (Video) Words of wisdom from a pool room owner


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Is here any chance you will just close the business and reopen as a different entity?

What Axe throwing?!?

Like I said in the other thread I will consider going into club mode in half the space at year 5. Have 9 tables, 24 hour access abd members only.

I already own ecerything outright, through tremendous effort. Like the man in the video it is all for the players and the love of the game. So sacrificing making more money to ensure I take care of the players is not a tough choice for me. I make a good living in my day job.


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hi danny and thanks for *another* great vid-
I like your idea of using audio to differentiate the documentarian from the subject
but agree that the audio is still a bit muffled, and difficult to hear
maybe you could still keep that difference in sound
but clear it up a bit, so both audio tracks are at the same level?
I like where you black out the screen for your questions, and let each one breathe..
in that moment, how about having the question written out at the bottom as you ask it?

thanks again for the vid- best wishes to you and jerry/stiix!

All good suggestions but, given the time I had to shoot, edit, and premier the composition for a live, podcast 2 days later with other segments in the flow, one has to pick their battles and move on... You should assume that I thought about all of the above suggestions but all of those things take valuable time which, I did not have.

Appreciate your watching it and personally I believe that, ultimately Jerry's words are of much more importance than mine.



Thank you for taking the time to put it together and sharing. Jerry is clearly one of the good guys.