what's the best cue you ever hit with, and why?


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I e played with a fair amount of different makers, but the top three that instantly come to mind are an old Tad, a Lil Al Romero sneaky and a Darrin Hill.


Not really. If there was a “best” you’d never look at another cue. How many keep thinking the “best” is still out there. It’s like looking for the silver chalice.

"what's the best cue you ever hit with, and why"?​

The OP asked for personal experience and why. Seems like most had an answer and enjoyed recounting their experiences with cues over the years. It could very well not even be a cue they owned.
Some cues are in fact better then others. It can certainly reflect in a players game.
A toss up between my 1970 Palmer K model(Zambotti forearm) with a nickel silver joint and my 1994 Southwest Gaboon on Macassar Ebony. Both were 19 - 19 1/4 oz. I ran over 10 racks on a bar box and both were magic when it came to speed and spin control.. However I have hit some other Zambotti's and Southwest which hit no better than a $40 china made cue. It all depends on the density of the wood, shaft taper, joint and balance.


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Lambros is very consistent from cue to cue. Great balance, a stiff hit that was the same on all 4 Lambros I've owned. Workmanship is top notch, puts his own twist on classic designs, a true artist that reads the wood as well as anyone.

I have one Tascarella that has a stiff yet soft hit, if that makes any sense. Great cue, classic design. I've hit with one other Tasc and the feel was completely different. My cue is a wrapless full splice with an Elforyn joint, the other a more classic design with a SS joint, so that may have been the difference.

Lastly I've been playing with a Pat Diviney sneaky with his kielwood shafts and I really love the hit. I ended up buying 2 more, one for the car, one for my pool room and I find that the hit on those are all consistent, stiff enough for a table length follow or draw, yet they maintain a good feel for those more precise touch shots. A great playing cue!

I've bought and sold a bunch of cues and tried most that I want to at this point. Some looked great but didn't feel right, others that came highly recommended but weren't right for me. The one cue I haven't tried yet that's on my list is a Herck. Hopefully one day.

That's my thought's. All subjective but that's why there's more than one cue maker.


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Not really. If there was a “best” you’d never look at another cue. How many keep thinking the “best” is still out there. It’s like looking for the silver chalice.
I can say I haven't considered buying another cue since getting my Keith Josey back in 2007. That said, I sure like looking at other cues...admiring the beauty of some.


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The 1982 Huebler Custom #1 Paul built for me.

Nice cue!

I hear folks say a lot about Paul came from meucci.

But they got it backwards. Bob worked at Paul’s shop and they made Hueblers and Paul also had a line they put out of HUEBLER of Meucci Custom Cues with a sticker logo.

Bob split off and tried to use the same and Paul wasn’t too happy about that so that’s how Meucci Originals came to be, then Meucci. And bobs “custom work” is BMC Bob Meucci custom….


Every once in a while you see a HUEBLER without a logo and it’s a Huebler made Meucci Custom Cue

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I love my Runde Schon. Crisp hit and perfectly balanced for me. I can’t remember how many other cues i have had through the years but they all get sold or stay in the case because I always go back to the Runde schon. I bought it over 35 years ago.