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  • I could not help but notice you felt your public message board was being neglected in the "Banned Thread".
    Here is looking at you kid. You needy little bastige. LOL!
    ;) :D
    Thanks alot! Sorry I havent been on in awhile, really busy with work and went to New York for my birthday to visit some one special............i didn't play a lick of pool and had the best time of my life :)
    Happy Birthday, Keebie! Hope you share this day with loved ones and family. In the end, that's all that matters.:smiling-heart:

    Hi there Keebie,

    i hope you re feeling fine- futher i wanna wish you the best for 2011 my friend. Take care and keep satisfied with all the things you re doing :)

    lg from germany,
    Hope things are going well for you. Sometimes I like animals more than people. Check out this cool video link: Cats House on the Kings.

    I used to be number one in rep when it meant something, long before Smorgie. Believe me, it ain't all what it's hyped up to be at the top. :p

    Some of the members who are at the top today actually created threads years ago begging for other members to rep them. Hey, if it brings them happiness, then maybe that is a good thing. Different strokes for different folks. :grin:

    Me, I'd rather have good health, peace of mind, and love in my heart. I am fortunate to have love in my heart, so I'm not doing too bad. :grin-loving:
    Sheldon gave me some red for that post. Thanks for the counter balance.

    He calls me a clown and now I'm an ass. Well at least I am not an assclown. Oh wait!!;):D:D
    Keeb I am actualy gathering up things from my garden now to do a shot of the table covered with different types of produce. It should be done later today. The beets could be tricky. Nows the time, we have had three frosts in a row.
    Daaaayum...You mad at Apache ? lol That makes two of us..they did a merger deal with Acme & bad enuf their rate sucks big time...They even trying to Ho us out to other company's on jobs that aren't even theirs...want to try & starve us while making $ off us & our equipment...aint that..I mean aint They A ***** all is good on ur end !!!
    hay bro did you sell all that brazilian rosewood? what were you asking per? not that you're really into my health or anything but i feel way better now that i'm jogging regularly!
    Hi Keeb, many thanks for the shaft care advice you gave me. Makes a lot of sense.
    Oh yeah, toothpicks are definitely NOT for playing pool LOL
    Really liked what you had to say...thought you were a bit older though with the sound of your wisdom..old soul maybe :)
    Hello, Actually I was trying to be funny and commenting on the fact that I am so hard of hearing. Thanks for the rep.

    Now that was a funny PM!!! Not too many people know Im female and i keep it that way because then Id have less creditibilty! :) Maybe I'll let em all have fun at some point and post my real pic on my avatar.........Im older but still got a lil game :)
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