Which 1/2” cutoff blade for QCTP (Hightower Mid-Size)


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NOTE: Please send me a PM if you have any suggestions. Thanks

Looking for any suggestions for a 1/2” Cutoff blade for a QCTP (Hightower Mid-Size)?

I was looking but can’t find what model/type of QCTP that Chris uses. I have one on order but was going to try and get some tools ordered as well beforehand.
I assume I need a P1N (.040 x 1/2” x whatever length)

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Something to consider, using a cut off blade like dz requires the ferrule and tip to be running dead true. I know on my taig lathe I could not use this method.

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I use a P1N myself and it is NOT rigid enough to be used like that with any regularity.

The one Bob is using in that video is at least 1/8 wide,maybe even 3/16. Tommy D.