Who is going to Las Vegas?


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We just came up with another design. I would like your feedback on it. I'm sure their will be some positive and negative comments. That's okay, I'm a big boy.


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I will be there doing National Referee Certification And the Shirt Looks great, hope you have some in the button up.

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I am in for a shirt or two. Will be there 16th-20th for my 25th anniversary.

I will be doing some shopping in the mornings at the Rio, and entertaining wifey and myself every evening with numerous shows, dinners, etc, on the Strip.

Looking forward to seeing my old friends, and meeting some AZers in person. Look for me, I will be the big ugly Texan with a beard.


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I'm also there staying in the Quad .
I will be at Mickey's pool bar on monday from 07pm till 10 pm , somebody interested to shoot some pool ?