WTB Predator Ikon or Black

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Hi there. Looking to move quickly to acquire a Predator Ikon mid to upper model with 314-2 shaft and please must be in very good to pristine condition. Will consider used if it is in the aforementioned "pristine" condition lol. Or any of the Black cues would be considered as well. I will only buy from a good rep seller too and I have all positive feedback from selling and buying. I am also located in Canada Eh! Thank You!



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I have a BLAK-3 with a genuine teju-lizard wrap ($250 to install and purchase) and two 30 inch Z2 shafts. Shafts are full stock diameter, straight, the cue weighs in at around 19.2 if I remember correctly but will get exact weight if you want me to. The shafts are slightly played and the butt is in 95% condition. Would you be interested?



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