ZONE Secrets for Better Cue Ball Control

CJ Wiley

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Everyone that has played a lot of pool has been in the Zone on more than one occasion. This is when you don't have to think about anything, it's like the game is playing through you. There are several ways to achieve this consistently, although sometimes we're held back because of some type of fundamental issue.

There is another kind of Zone that is on the pool table, when playing position it's an area that gives us the most margin of error when playing shape. There's also a Zone at the pocket, it also gives the shooter more margin of error, however for this to benefit us we first must know what it is and how to go about creating Zones. When playing position I use the diamonds to go towards to create the landing Zones on the table.

They are landing Zones because we want our cue ball to land inside of this area and we choose them depending on where the the next ball is and other balls of the table that could be obstructions....the worst thing we can do is hook ourselves behind other balls, this usually leads to loss of game, confidence and the ability to go into the mental Zone. Top professionals appear to put the cue ball exactly where they want time and time again, however, this is a result of how they are going about playing position, they usually allow a 2 diamond margin of error when possible.

In this video I introduce players to the basics of how I create Zones, with this information you can start to see them more frequently and it will take a lot of pressure off yourself when you always allow yourself a landing Zone as big as possible. Once you know how to do this it will open up a different way of approaching a lot of shots, then, at some point I'll show exactly how to approach the pocket as a Zone to accomplish the same type result, more margin of error which will produce better, more consistent results.

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