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    Custom Sneaky Pete plans, am I missing anything?

    For what's it worth, My playing cues are all Dieckman cues. Wood pins in the joint is common with 3C cues. Why not pool? I don't know. Some builders claim its a stronger joint. I have no data on that. You're comment on "How Easy it Broke" I witnessed a cue that broke basically falling...
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    Custom Sneaky Pete plans, am I missing anything?

    No doubt collars would be stronger. Many, probably most of the top Carom Cue builders have a collar on the butt and not the shaft.
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    Do you have a "learning style"? Maybe not
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    Do you have a "learning style"? Maybe not

    Darn, I should have answered the question here before watching the video, then see how full of it I am. Believe it or not I would have said "all the above." As this would related to my game, 3Cushion, I used to go through books with lots of diagrams in preparation for a tournament. Sometimes...
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    I heard it was a good drill if you fall out of stroke. Eyes closed is an add-on to the drill.
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    Help getting started in 3 cushion

    Shafts can be made that aren't a strict conical taper. All my shafts are modified cones. I might suggest Kilby "can" solve your problem. He can make a carom shaft to match your joint, as long as your joint diameter is big enough. Longoni has taper choices too. As a side note, I just got...
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    Black Spot on Red Ball?

    I always thought it was a mark designating the market where sold. I've heard of dealers getting dinged for importing balls from Asia to sell here. How did they know balls for Asia wound up in the US?
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    Where next for Brunswick

    Being a 3Cushion player and wanting my own table, my only choices are to purchase an antique or go overseas. There's no quality US made carom table currently available. I started off with a T-Rail Brunswick built around the 20's then moved to a table from Belgium. Also a T-Rail BTW. Simple point...
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    Of course he did and so did Meucci
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    Dallas West

    Met him in his room in Loves Park during a break from a business trip. Dropped a name or two and he simply put me into the fold. Very nice man. Always dressed to the "T". Similar to Frank Torres. Meet any of these 2 folks and you're instantly long lost friends. Name dropping isn't required.
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    What about Meucci?

    Mine's a "75". Plays like it did then. Found out I didn't like how it played after trying others. FWIW custom cues from the same builder with the same specs play different. I still love them glad I bought them, but don't compete with them.
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    Slate flatness...

    I'm quoting Tablemaker only to have the numbers restated. Admittedly you guys are way more versed than I am but getting back to the original question, I have a simple comment. In my experience with measuring stuff, particularly torque tool calibration equipment, the transducer used to Certify...
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    Pre shot question

    I take what you're saying, is on very thin cuts, the carom, be it another ball or cushion, is obvious, so aim for the carom point rather the contact point?
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    What is the best pool table?

    I thought Diamond was supposed to fix the angles years ago. Was that just another myth? I've never tested this. Just wondering.
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    how come more cuemakers don't do wood threads?

    I don't claim to know a lot about cue construction but I do have considerable experience with bolted joints and how they can fail. Of course theory sometimes doesn't entirely pan out in real world applications. Just a comment, hoping you'll get my mind right if it needs it. It seems to me...