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  • Rather than waste my time editing out the name calling etc..the thread was pulled.
    I simply won't take the time to edit the threads when people refuse to be civil.

    George, I think we may agree more than you think. I just approach it differently......
    We are doing fine George, thanks for asking. I do not know when we will head that way yet, things are in limbo at the moment. I'll be sure to let you know.
    You are across the state from my inlaws. We'd like to get down there to visit them sometime soon.... don't know if we can get together, but we shall see.........
    Thanks for the green. I'll give you some in return. There's no arguing with these close minded people.....which is why I rarely post anymore. TYT is a great "common sense" show! I wish more people had an open mind. Keep up the great posts, gbru.
    Dude...I done seen so much sh*t in my life....This little bit of red stuff don't phase me....If you are intersted I'll tell you some stories sometime...believe me I've been around the block a bunch of times....Have a good day....You POS..."Just kidding...."
    The truth hurts, doesn't it, man. You are full of anger, as well as other things.
    No problem, GBRU. I just saw that you were red and didn't understand why?? All I've seen were good posts by you, so keep posting, man!
    George, how are you doing, I do remember your table. What you'd have to do is order in some Artemis Intercontinental K55 cushions from Diamond, 860HR Tour Blue cloth I have on hand in my truck. The labor for this kind of work is $500.00 I'll be in your area later towards the end on March. What I'd need you to do if you want me to come by is send me an email to so I can put a push pin flag up on my Maps program so I can see where you're at in relation to where I'm heading, then when I'm close I can give you a call.

    George, thanks for the kind words. Nope, we don't agree much, that is allright, makes the world go round...........
    Got your message, and believe me there are no hard feelings. I don't have to agree with someone to like them, and I respect someone who is willing to stand behind their opinion.

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