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    Alf Taylor book.....??

    Hello my azbilliards friends. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Damn virus
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    Alf Taylor book.....??

    Hello. Thanks for your interest. You can reach me best at I look forward to hearing from you. Be safe. Alf Taylor
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    Eddie Taylor's Hall of Fame cue.

    I used to be a pretty good player but, alas, time marches on. In short, I can't make a ball in the ocean. I sold my autographed table and gave my own Joss cue to my brother. Lastly, and certainly not least is the cue passed on to me by Eddie Taylor. It is his 1995 Hal of fame cue, made by Danny...
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    San Jose Dick McMorran. An interesting man

    Yesterday I drove from Tucson to Phoenix to have lunch with my dear friend, Dick. I first met Dick in the early to mid 60s, when he came to the Cotton Palace, in Dallas. to beat the consortium that nested there. Not many road players showed up there and left with the money. Back then nobody...
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    Harder tha spotting SVB the break

    Hello fellow pool aficionados. In case any of you are interested in what got me out of hustling pool decades ago, check out my website Selling rugs to pool players is about as possible as my headline says, but everyone likes seeing the best of anything...
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    I love you guys

    To all of my friends, whether we've met or not, who wrote such comforting, heartfelt words regarding my brother, Jack's passing. It not only was soothing to me, they will be read at Jack's service by his children. Many of you didn't know Jack and some even didn't know about him. For those of you...
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    My friend, road partner and brother is gone

    The tears are still in my eyes as I tell many of Jacks and my friends that he passed away last night in Galveston Texas. His wife, Cozy was at his side. A lot of stories abound in the pool world about Jack. In a world where slipping around was necessary, Jack could slip with the best of them. He...
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    Another of our pool gang has passed

    My dear friend, William J. Manning AKA Billy Mack, Billy Banks and, as Earl the Pearl called him Gigolo Bill, succumbed to brain cancer at three AM. I knew Billy first in the 70s as a youngster who liked to bet on me. We even took a couple of road trips together. A couple of years ago we...
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    A heads up on billy macks condition

    Sunday I was with my dear friend, Billy Mack at his home in Scottsdale, where I gained a new perspective on courage and dignity from him. While Judi and I struggled to hold back tears, he joked and discussed his life and how much he has loved being part of the pool world. Only three months ago...
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    Say good-by to a good friend, billy mack.

    Hello my azbilliards friends. I have missed hanging with you guys but I have been working on two more books. Not pool related. Sorry. I'm reaching out with a breaking heart to ask any of you who know Billy Mack to call him. Only a few months back he was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer...
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    Please pray for billy mack

    Hello azbilliards friends. Billy Manning, known in our circles as Billy Mack, is fighting an aggressive stomach cancer in Phoenix. I knew Billy in the 70s and have become close again recently. Each month or so he would spend his own money to come to Tucson, check into a hotel and practice with...
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    I shoot pool...not presidents

    Fifty years ago, today, in Dallas, my mother woke me and said "They just shot the president and his wife." Initial news reports had everyone guessing. Being a typical 20 year old irresponsible pool nut, my priority was my Frank Paradise cue was in. I rushed to the post office and picked it up...
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    Please please help our friends

    Our hearts go out to the poor people the Philippines.Their situation is more dire than you can imagine.The gentlemen from this country, who have participated so honorably in our sport have had their country and their lives ripped apart by this terrible disaster. Now they need help from everyone...
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    Pool history in a nut shell...

    I just received my copy of Freddy Bentivegna's THE "ENCYCLOPEDIA" OF POOL HUSTLERS. Lordy, what a tome. If you have the least bit of curiosity about the world of pool hustlers, often told in their own words, you owe it to yourself and posterity to acquire a copy. It's a world very few, if...
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    O m g you must see this>>>you must

    Actually, I am nobody to tell you what you must do. But, if you're on this thread you have a competive nature and, if you like the best of anything, this will thrill you. punch up This man is not to be believed. Keep it lightning like. Alfie P.S. My partner, Billy...