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  • I am sending this to let you know I have not recieved a refund from the Senior's tournament . I did recieve check #2393 for $75 for the open but still waiting on the senior refund .Please let me know the status of this

    Thanks Gerard Soriano Union NJ
    i dont have my pm's turned on here-if you ever want to contact me please email me anytime at
    That bet you proposed, you definitely can make it a moneymaker by offering odds on the money. 2 to 1 for running 100, 5 to 1 for running 200, at least 50 to 1 for running 400 :)

    That guy nova is nuts. Even if the game's unpopular, it's still a great game. It may not be suited to TV or gambling but it's one of the best tests of pool skill there is.
    I'm out making new friends for the new year here on AZB, So I am just asking for your friend ship, If your ever in vegas please let me know.

    happy new year!!!!

    Eric :)

    ps; good luck with your biz this up comming year.
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