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  • This guy has a severe attitude problem - wish I had read his last comments here prior to asking him for a price on his cue. What a complete a-hole.
    To be perfectly honest, no. I don't think you're going to sell that Anniversary at all. I've been seeing you not sell it for over a year now. Best of luck....
    68-72 Joss marked Paul? Someone named Paul, who likes green, is probably your best target. Would you consider a stainless Kimber Ultra Carry 2 in trade? Feel the Paul is limiting your value, and my future.
    Thanks Ernie. I appreciate the thought. I haven't played pool in a month!!! Yikes. I want the 7 and 8!
    Let me know if you need help with the move. I don't have a lot of free time but I could rearrange things to give you a hand.

    Love the table!! Donny did an outstanding job, pockets are 4.25" exactly - all of them identical size and all angles. At first I thought there was roll off in a couple of places then found an easy fix to the problem - turn off the fans! :grin-square: Let me know when you are down this way recording, bring your long stick along with the short ones you work with. lol. I sent in my entry yesterday and am looking forward to it!

    Regards, Mitchell
    i play a friend 4-6 days a week, he bought his JW in 74 from Bill and it has the EXACT points yours does, his butt sleve is just black, he has used that cue for 30 years on the road, its been refinished and wrapped, new shafts etc. but man what a cue.

    I'd bet dollars to doughnuts your cue and my friends were made at damn near the same time. thats cool.

    hope your good, i came out to LA for a few days.

    any friend of Oscars is a friend of mine, also did you get the REP thing figured out yet? please let me know, I'm glad to help,

    None of my business-any interest in craigs list snta barbara-brnswick -50's anniversary $2000 posted price-you know these tables -I dont/maybe you're interested
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