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  • Mark, looks pretty cool. Anything that I should look out for? What tools are needed to assemble the trophies quickly? Any cool suggestions for trophies from that site?

    Hi Mark,

    This is Chris Ackler, I run the BCAPL league down in Santa Barbara. Howard referred me to you on a thread I started asking about unique awards for individuals...something other than boring trophies. Do you have any cool suggestions?
    I don't think I was rude. After 50+ bumps you think you would catch the hint that nobody is going to pay that much. So lower your price or keep the cue! Happy thanksgiving
    I just wanted to say that I love the nakewood chalker you sold me. I would have loved it more if the snakewood had more life to it, the kind of gain that jumps out at you. I have several snakewood cues like that. If you make one like that, or a cocobolo with that quality, would you pleae let me know? Thanks.

    Also, health issues have me liquidating nearly all of my modest collection. I have remaining: half a dozen McDermotts(including 3 vintage cues in 90%+ condition), 6 Jacobys, New Unplayed Unique Samsaras,, a McDaniels, and other asstd cues + 13 custom cases most new. I'm easier to reach at 410-303-6835 or online at
    I like the one I saw you made where it was the two woods blended straight down the middle (curly sides, coco middle?). What would I be looking at for price shipped and lead time?
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