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  • Wherever you choose. I chose because I bought some tooling and other stuff.
    I have the A2Z QCTP I bought from In fact, I ordered some more tool holders from them today. I've experience NO problems when using it. Mine is mounted all the way back on the slide and the only time I have to adjust anything is when I'm using the parting tool holder and it's at the butt of the cue. I've been using mine for months and it's the nuts!
    These are the things I bought...that I should have bought right off the bat!

    60 Degree Live Center
    Hightower Compression Die for Ferrules and Joints
    Reamer Set
    Center Drill Set
    5 and/of 15 minute epoxy - I use this if I have a little slop with my joint pins/joints
    Loctite Gel Super Glue - I use it for tips, ferrules, joints, joint pins...everything!
    Sandpaper - 180/220/400/600/800/1000/1500/2000
    Soft Scrub - Takes the place of Unique Shaft Cleaner
    Mequires Carnuba Car wax - Takes the place of every cue wax out there
    Coping saw

    Mind you, I'm converting house cues and eventually going to build cues. After I started installing pins, I found I needed a lot more than I had and there was no standard I used so I was all over the place and ended up buying more stuff than I really needed. Hope this helps, feel free to ask me anything.
    Here's the list I started out with...the majority of this was based on cue repair, etc.

    Plano Storage Boxes
    Loctite Super Glue
    220/600/800/1000 Grit Sandpaper
    Scotch Brite Pads
    Utility Knife
    Utility Knife Blades
    Paper Towels
    Tweeten 9" Sandpaper Shapers
    Tweeten Sandpaper Refills
    Fiber Pads for Tips
    Shop Towels
    Unique Shaft Cleaner
    Unique Shaft Sealer
    Unique Shaft Wax
    Digital Calipers
    Big Tackle Box
    Blue or Red non-stick tape
    5/16" Drill Bit
    1/4" Drill Bit
    3/8" Drill Bit
    #29 Drill Bit
    3/8"-16 Tap
    3/8"-10 Tap
    5/16"-14 Tap
    5/16"-18 Tap
    7/16"-14 Tap
    8-32 Tap
    Allen Wrench Set - Metric
    Allen Wrench Set - SAE
    Rubber Bumpers
    to do tips and ferrules, you have 95% of what you need. I'll dig up the list I had and send it to you.

    my address is:
    Kevin Arco
    4 Bernado Street
    Shinnston, WV 26431
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