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    New Forums

    Looks good. I think it was overdue for a facelift and modernization. I haven't been very active here lately, but I think I will change that now as I step back from Facebook a little.
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    Who will be ready to play the same game with Shane now?

    After this phenomenal showing by Shane, who do you think would be willing to play him this same game for the same stakes? Must be a very short list.
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    Billiard Encyclopedia, 2nd edition, mint

    Stein & Rubino - Billiard Encyclopedia, 2nd edition, mint copy. $50 + shipping - paypal
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    Miscellaneous VHS pool matches

    Please see photos for matches. The first $100 + shipping (paypal) gets everything. All were purchased directly from Accustats. Some great matches here! EDIT: make an offer this weekend or these will go in the trash…. EDIT2: I've just arranged to have these donated to a veterans recreation...
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    VHS set of Color of Money Match

    This is the entire set of VHS tapes (with exception of #10). Not sure where that one went, but this is hours and hours of the best pool ever filmed. I paid about $300 for it originally from Accustats. $75 + shipping (paypal) EDIT: make an offer this weekend or these will go in the trash….
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    Lots of billiard magazines, mostly from last 10 years

    At least 75 miscellaneous billiards magazines including Pool and Billiard, Inside Pool, Billiards Digest, and Inside English. You have to take them all (I won't search for particular issues). You pay the shipping + $25 (paypal). You tell me how you want them shipped and send that calculated...
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    Lomax Ebony Jump/Break Cue

    For sale is a beautiful Steve Lomax ebony jump - Break cue with 2 shafts. I purchased it directly from Steve Lomax in 2009. It is used, but in excellent condition (but one shaft does not have a tip). Shafts have minor dings as can be expected but routine cleaning and maintenance will take...
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    It's CYCLOP, not Cyclops!!!!!!

    Sorry, after all the facebook posts and threads, It's just astonishing that nobody knows how to spell what they hate!
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    Does changing the tip on a collectible cue affect its value?

    I have a few cues that I use occasionally and they have their original tips. These are cues that aren't made anymore (Edwin Reyes). I'd like to update them to Kamui tips so that I could use them a little more rather than just have them as museum pieces. Will this hurt their value?
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    9 ball marathon on ESPN classic (channel 143 on DISH)

    Looks like WPBA from many years ago, but it's on for hours all night long….
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    Video Evidence of Opponent 3-Fouling Efren Reyes?

    Does anyone know of a taped match of 9-ball or 10-ball in which Efren was 3-fouled? I wonder what kind of odds I (or anyone else) could get to do that to him. It would be fun to try! I'd definitely have my 15 minutes of fame if I pulled it off!
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    Striking Viking turns featured alongside First Lady on CNN

    CNN has a nice picture and writeup about Ewa Mataya Laurance who turns 50 this year. She's a great ambassador for pool! Good to see some positive high-profile attention.
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    Australian open ???

    Ummmm....fix the title, please....Crikey!
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    New Subforum on Bonus Ball Start-Date Threads?

    Just an idea....
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    Alfie Taylor's Book: The Other Side of the Road…a Pool Hustler’s Tale --- Excellent!

    I received last week a copy of Alfie Taylor’s book, “The Other Side of the Road…a Pool Hustler’s Tale”. He graciously sent it to me gratis since I was selected in one of his contests. I read the entire book in about three innings! I encourage you all to add this wonderful book to your...