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  • Keep the faith, you'll find one if you have patience. I'll be on the lookout for you too. 2 sets of eyes whittle down the odds a little, I'll let you know if one turns up. It is a very cool cue indeed!
    I just came across your Road Runner post from a few years ago (2009) and was curious if you ever found one. I have 3 Meucci's, each one a work of art and very special to me. I also happen to love the consistant soft hit they all have.
    Last Activity: 09-20-2010 10:53 PM<------was the last time Jay was on here, I havent emailed him yet. I know he said biz was a little slow but he was still ok. Man everything is screwed up these days I hope he is ok. I will let you know if I get a hold of him
    i havent talked to tattoosbyjay in a while now, i was wondering about him, i will email him tomarrow and see whats up.
    i dont have a set of them yet!!! I sent the check out today for the mint never played set, so I cant use them, a guy in Germany has several sets. I will try and hook you up. they are the nutzzzzzzz. I wish I had about 4 -5 sets, one mint for my collection and then a few sets to use and wear out. In time i'll hook you up, just remind me now and then, so I dont forget. I'm gonna get my hands on many sets as possible. Since $$$ is tight some good stuff is hitting the market now that wasnt avaliable 2 years ago.


    Jeremy has more pictures. p.m. him and i'm sure he will share them. Thanks for your compliments.
    "country" Bob
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