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  • Hey there stacy, so I'm going through your cues while i write this :) I like the phillipi but the roll you describe concerns me a little. Is the roll in the butt or in the shaft? Is the joint radial? I do like the greg sirca too. I might consider a trade for the both of them. that is if the white material in the sirca isn't ivory, then I think that might be a little out of line. I'm not familiar with his cues or what they're going for but I've seen a few of his cues online in the 500-600 range with a little more work in them. Let me know what you think... If not, again, we can look at other options too i guess :)
    Hi The raffle is full. Time to pay. jbaxte@earthlink.net Do not mention Raffle, and include you user name so we can credit you. Thanks jim
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