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  • Saw you were friends with Cuetip 1000 (Olaf), can you tell me if he is still active on AZBilliards? Haven’t seen a recent post from him st all. Was curious about whether he made the Universal Tip Centralizer. Please advise.
    If i got the right dirty irish... shane johnson is on road south. He told me to pm you so you can call him 406-224-5322
    Thanks you sir. I am always glad to new friends :wave3:

    Good luck,
    I'm sorry di I don't have a clue where to get a Mcdermott, but if I here anything I'll pm you back.--Leonard
    Yo devil dog you still in? where are/were you stationed? you know what's funny. pool's a huge part of my life and i got my start playing in mcas iwakuni. man those were the days. play pool all weekend work hard all week
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