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  • Good morning,
    Thank you for your fast response to my inquiry and calling me last night. My address is
    Edward Cabrera
    516 Park Dr.
    Key West , Fl. 33040

    Your payment is forth coming . Thanks again Eddie
    I see your a friend on here of Rangercap & I was just wondering if he's all rite, and still into making cases? I seen he hasn't been active on here in awhile. I sent an e-mail to nittany leather but no response. Thanks for any info

    Another silly question..

    What if I have 3 pieces.... the butt, the handle, and the forearm all bored and glued to their own cores? How do I join them if I need to line up points, inlays, butterflies, or what ever. Assuming that each piece has had one of the above cut into them....

    Can I successfully join them without a threaded pin.... or shouldn't I be in this situation anyway.


    I spent 23 years on active duty and 3 years in the Reserves in the US Army. I retired at Ft. Lewis, Washington in January 2003 and now live approximately 1 Mile from FT. Lewis. My Pool Hall is located approximately 3 miles from the base, my last duty assignment was with the 3rd Brigade 2nd Infantry Division 1st Squadron 14th Calvary Regiment " Striker"!!!!!
    i'm out making friends tonight on AZ, the posts were kinda boaring so i thought i'd go around and say hello to people I read alot of their posts but dont talk to often,

    I hope everything is going good with you, I started playing full time again-feels good.

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