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  • christian
    i emailed Bob and he responded and felt as i do that we would both rather see someone like you get this cue, since he put so much effort into it and mine in the design. but i need to know something soon or i have to sell to the other offers on tbl...so if u r interested let me know...just let me know what u r most interested in, just the DZ CUE OR IF U WANT THE 314-2 AS WELL THAN I WILL HAVE IDEA AS TO WHAT PRICE IS FAIR...OR JUST MAKE AN OFFER...IM LOOKING FOR A FAIR OFFER, AGAIN I WILL MAKE DECISION BY TOMORROW NIGHT SO I DONT LOSE OTHER OFFERS...I TOLD U WHAT WAS ON TABLE FOR BIDS...MATCH 1 FOR WHAT U WANT. I.E. DO U WANT JUST DZ CUE AND SHAFT OR THE 314-2 AS WELL? LET ME KNOW EITHER WAY SO I KNOW U R GETTING MY PM's...did u get my last pm

    Hi Chrippa,
    The 25% deal off the dvd is still on... just not the free book, sorry about that. Do you want the dvd? my email is max@maxeberle.com that would be easier to reach me on.
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