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  • Hey Joey,
    Happy New Year to you buddy. Thanks for all your support and well wishes. If you are ever planning a trip to Idaho..... give me a heads up so we can meet.

    Hi Joey, it's been a long time since we talked and my health went downhill these past few months. My Lymphoma Cancer is growing again and the Neropathy Pain in my legs and feet has greatly worsened. I can't drive, play Pool, or go to the Range any longer. I've had a very exciting and adventurous life, so I shouldn't complain. Please remain diligent and keep up the good fight in my stead.
    Your Friend, Howard
    The name is E[a]rnie familiar for Earnest. When I was born in the topaz Utah prison for Japanese during WW2, My Father named me after the German doctor that delivered me. Not knowing how to spell Ernst, he found it in the word earnest - in a Webster Dictionary.

    Be well and happy.
    Thanks for the rep. I got outta Shitcago years ago and am enjoying every minute! Hope you like SD. Seems like everyone I've met from there is good people.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours my friend. Tom Haney aka Hondo and his ilk keeps this forum going or we would be just taking to ourselves. It takes all kinds to make us Right [pun].
    Earnie from LA
    Jesus loves you, Joey. Never lose faith in the Lord and He will show you the WAY, my friend. God bless you.I pray that you can give all the hate bottled up inside you to our Savior and He will show you the Light. I will refrain from the Johnny D. comments in the future and will try not to antagnonize you.
    A few boots on the ground[/B] means, Lots of boots on the ground.

    It's like when L.B.J. was in office. Need I say more???[/

    Thanks for the rep.

    Thanks for the nice note Cuejoey! What a great tradition that you started and keep going! Much appreciated! All the best to you always!
    Appreciate your fine commentary. Should have added you to my friends list much sooner. You are my kind of people……..
    Friend CueJoey:

    On your rhetorical question message to me on the Reynolds thread, I can only reply, 'if you say so.' Because I never said anything of the sort, as I posted back on the thread when this charge was made. And you can check for yourself if you re-read all that I wrote. I'm sorry some have over-read what I did say to mean or imply this, which I do not believe. I make enough trouble for myself here in my own words without also being charged with saying things I never said. :rolleyes:


    Thank you sir, are my posts that hard to understand, or are some of these people so anxious to go off they can't finish the post?
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