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  • i added a little more to the comments about the Black Boars, I was editing it when you repped me, i will REP you tomarrow, i'm out today. infact if i forget please ask me and i will be glad to rep you it will be around 9,000,000 points.

    i had one of the merry widows Tony made for a few days to test drive, it wasnt for me, it plays much differnt than his regular cues, there are a few shots that are damn near impossible with a regular cue that thm MW makes hangers.

    email me at: and i will tell you more if you like,

    overall Gus will awalys be #1 ,

    Glad you like your Sugar Tree, Please let Eric know I turned you on to them, they are made from the best woods period! Eric is a very good friend of mine, he has spent the night at my house before, so tell him hello if you dont mind. He has a PhD in wood, man is he ever smart and talented.Glad to help you, I love the 2 I have-one more than the other. the newer the cue the better they play-he is improving with each cue.

    best regards
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