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  • Do you have a 4 point green predator blank ive got a friend wanting me to make him a cue out of one if i can find it ? How much ? Thanks Bill
    Hey, just wondering if you had anymore of the sneaky pete blanks that Predator used. The ones with the green veneers. If you do send me a PM on how much they would be. Thanks.
    hi Duc, this was my first purchase on AZ so can you tell me how i leave you a positive itrader point. sorry for my ignorance but i didnt see an explanation anywhere for how to do this.
    Regards Monty
    Hey Duc,

    The fiber pad does change the hit, but the shaft is still very very good. Very pleased. Let me know when you have more or if you have another cue for sale. I have a friend interested.
    Im interested in couple veneered full spliced blanks, but your website is down! Whats your phone number?
    Rrusso said the following and I was curious about these cues. Can you give me some more info. I have been out of the game for years so talk to me like I am a moron!
    You also might want to check out Duc Lam (cuemaster98) here.

    He has some nice 4 veneered full spliced sneakys that are dirt cheap.

    They play like nuts too. I'd shoot with mine every day if I had a wrap on it.
    Duc,did you receive the whitten case?have question about the Patrick Rico
    Hey Duc, poolrod has a satin Pre-date SW with 2 shafts asking $1400 just BEM plane Jane.

    NO LOA but it looks fine to me + the guy is sending me the pic of the butt at the phenolic insert.
    Happy Holidays

    May be interested in trying to work a trade with you for the SW you have listed currently!! Email me or pm me with a good time to call. Best if after 5pm central.


    By the way, I love the Molavia Tips!!
    I wanted to make sure you got the message about the trade on your STL-3. I have some pics of the ones I'd trade you. I know you'll be interested once you see the photos. PM me when you get this with a place I can send the pics. Thanks
    don't know when .one guy told me to put it on hold for a couple of days.if it doesn't go through i can send it with Oscar bonilla and you give him the money. i cant let it go for less than $130. i wish i could do better.
    Hey man! Just tried sending you a PM about the McDaniel but said your message inbox limit is maxed. When you clear some messages shoot me a PM and I will give you the details. Thanks!
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