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  • I had bet Chris Di Marco at a £1 e/w at 100/1. Tiger to win for a few quid and Goosen £1 ew .Imagine how I felt when tiger chipped in ! The miracle shot did me out of a few quid !Still collected from the bookies just wish Chris Di Marco wo that year!
    i see some of your picks for the masters 10 ball went a bust... all but 2-3 were losers.. that blows.. its so weird that all the matches that are supposed to be close end up as basically a white wash
    Are you going to do the Bar Box tourney in Caimbridge again this year? Have you decided on the dates for it?

    who do u like in the 1p at derby??? maybe we can get a sweat bet... (cant pick efren or frost)
    hey danny, tall paul from top hats. richie from dundalk would like play you some one hole at the dundalk pool room. race to 5-6 or even seven if you prefer for 5or6 gs. you can ask tony about how him and richie play. i dont make games i just introduce players. you and richie are big boys, you can hammer out the details. if not play tony again. that was some good shooting on your part the last time you played tony. anyway goodluck to you sir.
    Hey Danny- Johnny Sturgis here- I might be interested in photographing your tourney. I am hoping to get out to Valley Forge, I live in the Philly area. That is if my wife will let me out. I should at least be there sometime shooting. I have talked with Allen Jr. and he is getting me a media pass.
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