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    What do you prefer to break with? Heavy or light?

    I was using a friend's 25 oz breaker. Then I got my own, 16 oz. I'm currently using the shaft from the 16 oz breaker with a butt from another cue. I haven't weighed it, but I'd guess I'm right around 19 oz now. Just a touch heavier might be what I was looking for all along.
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    $10,000 club

    Your story reminded me of this story.
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    When Are New Products Released?

    I don't know. It's sort of an I'll know it when I see it. Really, I've been using a Meucci which I never liked that much. I just want something else. I haven't figured out what it is yet.
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    When Are New Products Released?

    Thanks. I wasn't planning on attending. I want to buy more things. I just don't see more things I want. I was curious when new things would be available.
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    When Are New Products Released?

    Is there a show or event where most companies release their new stuff for the year?
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    Strange Diamond event

    A few months ago I left the cue ball on my table. My German Shorthaired Pointer has a thing for balls. Leave a ball on the table and he'll steal it. But he's never touched a ball in the ball return. He must have taken the cue ball and put it between the cushions of my sofa. I looked for that cue...
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    Why buy a custom cue over a national brand?

    A bunch of others have already mentioned the answer. The complete control over materials, weight, length, design, etc. Everything is exactly the way you want it. Here is something people may not consider though. How many custom cue makers are supporting the community? Which ones sponsor...
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    Something new coming from Cuetec?

    I haven't seen it with cues, but CF knife scales come in rainbows of colors. If people are willing to pay for them, shafts can be made in lots of colors.
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    Would This Cue Flaw Bother You?

    Seems like I should update this. I talked to the dealer I ordered through today. I was given a choice to return it and wait 6 more weeks or 20% off. 20% doesn't really seem like enough but that's what I went with.
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    Would This Cue Flaw Bother You?

    I received this cue last week. It came like this. To me it looks like the wood was dented before the butt was stained. It's a Schmelke and wasn't that expensive. It's only a small spot. I'm not sure if I should expect more, less, or exactly this really. I waited slightly longer than expected...
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    2020 Home Pool Table Sales

    Raw materials have increased recently and labor seems kinda short currently. Increased prices probably reflect these conditions more than increased demand.
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    Strong opinion: Dress Codes Needed

    Perception of the game is hurt more by guys gambling until 4am at bars more than someone wearing a hat or T-shirt at a tournament. I don't play major events. The reality is I'll never be good enough to play them. So my opinion is geared toward the low level events I do play. That said, if a...
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    Strong opinion: Dress Codes Needed

    To me, this seems as silly as banning cues with points or inlays and forcing players to use plain maple only. Does it really matter if someone prefers to play in something comfortable instead of a tuxedo? At the end of the day, I think it comes down to this, if tournament organizers want less...
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    Break Cue Recs?

    So one of the cues I came across as I was scrolling through hundreds of breakers was the Players JB12. It looks very similar. Would that be a decent choice? I'm not sure I'll be jumping much if ever. Is a cue...
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    Break Cue Recs?

    Hello, this is my first thread after a few posts. I'm a newer player with a rather horrible break and looking to improve. Currently I'm breaking with a Dufferin cue made for playing. I'd like a break stick. I've used a couple here and there but I'm not really sure what's best for me yet. I'd...