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    Tournament Results

    So did the 10 Ball tournament happen at Jamaica Joes ? Who won Thanks Robert
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    To AZ Billiards Forum

    THANK YOU :thumbup:
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    Mornin everyone whoo won the 10 ball at Emeralds last night , Big BIG Bet on this , a king size Snicker Bar. Thanks Rob:thumbup:
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    Who won at shreveport ?

    Real good tourniment , who won ?????:help:
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    who won

    Goodmorning world who won at white diamond I fell asleep :boring2::boring2::boring2:
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    Magoos in Tulsa

    Morning all does anyone know who won in Tulsa this weekend ? Thanks Robert
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    can anyone update whats going on at Magoos ? thanks robert
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    White Diamond

    So anybody knows who won ? Thanks Rob
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    New Stuff

    Merry christmas everyone , I heard their is going to be a show and tell at Jamaica Joes for new stuff sat 12/26/09 , and a big ring game , and everyone's twist because of the weather the ring game has been moved to sunday 12/27/09 . ok anybody interested ?