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  • I don't think my first message went through or not so I'll try this... My e-mail is Derekolga@yahoo.com and I'd love to have the Dpk cue building pdf, I tried looking all over the web for it but came up with nothing so your help would be much appreciated.
    I noticed that you were opening a pool room in Muskogee soon. I live in Muskogee and was wondering where it will be located? Thanks, we need a real pool room around here.
    exactly, in response to your REP comment, your 111000% right.

    I will REP you tonite when it lest me :)

    hope you had a nice holiday,

    eric :)
    Hollywood is responding- I will take personal care,and make sure they get to the next place on time. I fly for free-Delta-retired so I might drive to next location. thanks mark
    HAY bud i was with the coats in olathe did not get to meet you maybe i will see ya at jj in nov felix
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