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  • It was going good, but went on today ony last day of vacation as we drove home, i was bored while wife was driving, so i came out of retirement for the day !!!
    Sorry to hear of his passing. What great talent he was able to show us.
    Heh! I get that a lot. People say I post as if I wasn't a day over 56! They're always stunned to learn the truth!

    I think it's only because they figure if I WAS over 60, I would have snapped out of it already. Slow learner, maybe?
    Thanks for the green, but remember the real beauty of any woman is the beauty of her 'Heart'. If her 'Heart' is not a good one, no amount of outward beauty can make her worth sharing your life...well maybe an hour or two.

    Thanks again & Best to Y'a,
    Thanks for the rep. It's really easy to predict because you put a too good price on the cue :)

    Take care,
    OK, so I think I just figured out what a little green for me meant... A little slow... But thanks. I think I am catching on. By the way, we are close in age, I was born in 53. Mike.
    I forgot to thank you for the sample of Wax and cleaner sponges --
    Your New Line Of Cue Maintenance Products look Great.
    Will report , after I use some (like tomorrow) hee,hee.

    To get back with you about the Schon-

    Let me know if we are going to trade.

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