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  • I've tried my best to find a answer, a reason, a situation....... now raising the white flag. First, I have paid for gold membership and my account still shows I am a silver ?? not sure how I go about having that updated. Also. I tried posting to someones post in the wanted/for sale section and the quick reply button does not work for me. Not only on my listings to bump them up, but, when trying to ask a question. Also, when trying to send a pm to someone, the system defaults to another screen instead of giving me an option to send a pm to the person. I've tried to read somewhere where the forum has changed or if I am black listed, or any darn thing and can't find them. Any new rules against someone trying to sell cues ?? Sorry to ask, but, darn stuck......
    Chuck - worktheknight
    Good morning jerry, I sold the Wes hunter I have posted. Can you remove that posting for me. Thanks
    Jerry I'm not used to editing my post. So I tried to edit my Predator and reduce price to 750.00. Plus shipping. Yet the post seems to be fozen somehow. I'm not sure how to fix it. Any help or suggestions. ??? Thanks all feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Hi jerry, I tried to edit my Predator cue and reduce price to 750.00 yet the post seems to be fozen? Help.
    Hi Jerry, how about deleting this one if you have a minute. Thanks, bob Farr
    I am selling a Cem, A Predator Black with 2 shafts, A Pardus custom cue, A jim Baxter jump cue, A break cue custom made by Guliasy.
    These are my anonces i put on your wanted/trade forum. I just need them to apear, to be approuved by you. Thanks again
    Hy Sir,
    I have a question for you.
    Two days ago i have been add at the section wanted/sale 4 anounces with 4 diffrent cues.
    The computer told me that the anounce will need to be apruved by you. The question is, why my anounces do not apear on the wanted/sale section.
    Thank you,
    Sincerly yours
    The BlackPirate
    Because I get over a hundred of these each day and do not often have the time to respond to them. Just so you know, we get over 2,000 new forum posts each day, over 500 emails every day, and over 100 PM's. It is not possible to stay current with all of them and still do my daily work.

    I see that your last activity was today at 11:03 am. Why haven't you responded to my question from 24 hours ago?
    Hi..... just signed up for an account this morning and made a post selling my Pechauer Break Cue. It said something about having to be approved by a moderator. I still don't see it posted. Do you think it will be approved sometime this evening? Thanks for your help.
    hey i posted a add for a 1984 mcdermott D-20 under the forsale page and it still not showing wondering when you would get the chance to approve it to the fourm thanks
    The Raven
    Hello - I submitted an ad in the forsale thread approximately 48 hours ago and it does not appear to be approved yet. Can this please get approved or otherwise some instruction provided as to what needs to occur for it to get approved?
    why are peeps who are selling ppv, aiming products posting in the main forum? There is a forum provided for sellers. Shouldn't they be using that?
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