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  • Hi Joe.. I would like to purchase the Hager Case...919-610-7370 or please call or email me ..thx David
    Nice sets of matched original ivory carom balls in good condition with the wooden box in good condition can go from $400-$550.
    Hey Joe. Going rate is about $100 per ball for ivory carom balls 2.25" or better in good condition without the original wooden box. If I were buying 6 at a time, I would be asking for a quantity discount. eBay doesn't allow ivory sales, so the ability to sell is tougher too. If it were me, I would have paid $90 tops for the example that you posted. That's just me. Use your negociating skills to get yourself a good price, then enjoy. Mr H
    Hey, Joe! I sent you a message but I think your inbox is full. If you get a chance, lemme know everything arrived is smooth fashion. Ttys!
    I do! I do!~ That case is a tank and a half! George, do you happen to remember what tip is on that Phillippi? I really like the cue. It hits nice, and I'd like to know what the tip is?

    Take care,

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