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  • It is today that Doug is the birthday boy. Thanks for your contributions to this forum, Doug. You're a real pool pioneer, and I appreciate everything that you do for pool on both sides of the pond. Bless you always, my friend. :)

    Dear friend!
    Please go here http://wh.gov/5Jmn to sign a petition to the White House, calling for them to investigate and condemn forced organ harvesting in China. Although the 25,000 signatures have been reached, but some signatures on the petition may come from CCP agents. We just have 3 days more, so your sign is extremely important for us right now.
    Thank you very much!

    Video The Messenger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUt3A55e_pA
    Hi Doug, got your PM, but not sure who you are. I check on your Pro9BallTour.com link and the site did not appear to be working? Thanks, Holly
    JA i family to me, I'm God Father of his Daughter. I only have one living blood relitative, so JA asked me to be part of his family, we talk 7 days a week when he isnt travelling or when I'm travelling then we talk once a week. we go back to 86 but in the last 4 years have became triple close.

    I am trying to help him with that players union(for lack of a better word), I have a few tricks up my sleve, if the $$ comes in then were doing something huge, Nick is gonna be part of it as well. I have the respect of most pro's and many are friends. So that helps my master plan. Jay Helfert is also going to be part of what I want to do.

    as it stands now not much is happening, the guys support JA, respect him but there isnt any events except the Seminole's and thats Coreys guys. Barry and JA are solid now so thats good.

    Thank you for the new information. It is a shame that this information is not more forthcoming by the WPA. It would seem that as part of their sanctioning fees that they are paid, they would put out more press briefings to keep the pool public informed.

    I do appreciate you taking to let me know. Maybe someday the WPA and BCA will also communicate to the public about happenings in the pool world, and I won't have to learn about it on a pool forum.

    Seasons greetings to you and yours, Doug!
    I cannot believe it. The WPA is not doing pool justice. This is a travesty. Something is rotten in Denmark or WPA headquarters, wherever that is.
    lol, thanks Doug. However in my books I'm still a wannabe. I have a ways to go yet before I can consider myself worthy. :)

    As always, thanks for the kind words. Hopefully the group prospers.
    Sure, whats it going to cost me?? ;)

    hope your good

    my email is: EP90210@hotmail.com
    i dont know exactly who you are, but I'd like to. I know your very smart, been around a very long time, well traveled. and know pool very good. Thats why I asked you to be a friend, I decided I wanted to know more quality people in pool so I set out asknig people to be my friends here-I know its kinda cheesy, but I did get my foot in the door. If you dont ask you dont get. I hope to know you better.
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