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    Keith McCready Joins Cast of American Road Player

    Oooh, the impossible dream. Read all about it. It is official. Earthquake is back, and I'm hoping to be everybody's worst nightmare. Like me or like me not, I am ready to rock, and I am ready to roll. I've been on the shelf long enough, and my time has come. I have been waiting for this...
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    My Friend Ronnie Allen

    I've been sitting here 4 or 5 days now, trying to put it all together about Ronnie's death, and I finally have enough strength to say a little something about him. For whatever it's worth, Ronnie was an action man. He loved pool, tried to pretend like he hated pool sometimes, but he loved...
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    Skins Billiards Update in Atlantic City, NJ

    Today is the second day of the 2-day event. There was a players meeting on Thursday night at 8:00, and the players came and were handed a complimentary gift package from Olhaussen pool tables with a lot of goodies. Really nice present and very much appreciated by all. The first round was...
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    Deuel defeats Frank in semi-finals at GCO

    Corey Deuel is wowing the crowds with his expert shooting capabilities and defeated Troy Frank, who comes in fourth place. In the semi-final match, Corey had a jump shot on the 8-ball. He whipped out his jump cue, successfully pockets the 8, and the cue-ball drew back the length of the table...
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    What is Toledo famous for?

    It's the birthplace of Jamie Farr and the Glass City Open, of course! ;) My bags are packed, and I'm Toledo bound! November 10-14, 2004. $40,000 guaranteed! :D For further information: Glass City Open website
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    Pictures from Joss Tour in Quincy, Massachusetts

    Congratulations to Mike Davis for winning the $5,000-added Joss Tour tournament. He was the defending champion from last year's Quincy tournament on the Joss tournament trail, and he won it again this year! Here's a few pictures taken this past weekend in Quincy, Massachusetts! :) Keith's...
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    A big Texas welcome for Hillbilly

    Welcome to AzBilliards, Charlie! :) Hope you enjoy the forum. Glad to "see" you on board!
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    Wanted for Unconscious Shooting

    I know that many folks will be going to the magnificant Midwest Expo/Open that will be held October 6-10 -- Midwest Expo/Open website -- and I expect to hear a full report! :) For those who are unable to attend the Midwest Expo/Open, if you are in the vicinity of Quincy, Massachusetts, there...
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    Pool World Loses Another Good One-"H. Danielson"

    Received a copy of an e-mail from Paul Poutier [Pool School in Paradise in Canada] as follows: "...I have some bad news. Harold Danielson died this morning. He was very sick and had been confined to a hospital bed since the middle of March. He was a Hemophiliac and ended up with a non...
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    U.S. Open Pictures

    Some pictures taken at the 2004 U.S. Open: Page 1 of '04 U.S. Open pictures Page 2 of '04 U.S. Open pictures Page 2 of '04 U.S. Open pictures
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    Brady, a Happy Birthday to you, Small Fry!

    Just wanted to wish my pal Brady Behrman a Happy Birthday! Looking forward to seeing you in September. Hope you have a great day, Brady! Tupee sends best wishes to you and The Kid! Your friend, Keith
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    NEW Virginia State 9-Ball Champion

    Just got back from the Virginia State 9-Ball Tournament held by Josh Dickerson at The Playing Field in Richmond, Virginia. Josh, I had THE BEST time! The tournament was FIRST CLASS, and there was a perfect full field of 64 players with no byes! Chris Loar of Fredericksburg, Virginia, is the...
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    Virginia State 9-Ball Championship, June 24-25, '04

    Joshua Dickerson is the TD and promoter of the Virginia State 9-Ball Championship, to be held this coming weekend at: The Playing Field 7801 West Broad Street Richmond, Virginia 23294 (804) 755-7700 Warm-up and registration begins at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 24th, and the tournament will...
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    Earthquake here...

    I've been working on my book and haven't had a lot of extra time to post. To be quite frank, I read some posts of last month and was very disappointed. So I thought it was for my best interest to go ahead and give it a little breather, and hopefully, the posts will get better. I don't like to...
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    June 3-6, $25,000-added Joss Tour Finale

    The place is Spot Shot Billiard Club in Portland, Maine, for the Joss Tour season finale. The address is 272 St. John Street, Portland, Maine 04062, (207) 773-3466. I wouldn't miss this tournament for anything and am looking forward to the party on Saturday night, June 5th, in memory of my...