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  • Happy Birthday Keith! I hope your life is very happy now. Would be great to have you back playing, but understand if you don't want to. I'll always remember the time I played you at the 2004 Glass City Open and almost had you!

    I heard/read somewhere that the cue you used in COM was a Schon...if that's so, what was the joint (it looked like ivory)? Was that a custom thing? Looked pretty sweet...

    Hey Keith,
    This is the bosco, i am in Moscow now. how are you? i missed you.
    Come in Moscow to spend some time with me.
    Could you please call me at home????503 873-7166 Things are changing very rapidly here.
    My health is precarious right now. Last night I got very ill and went to the emergency room to get something for the nausea & vomiting. I told them that I already new that I only had 20% kidney function. ..... They hooked me up with IV's wrapped me in warm blankets and did an ultrasound on my kiidney's. They told me 66% of both kidneys are dead.(necrotic) is the word they used. Pug is getting better and now my health is in question? If i don't have long (months, days, years????) Anyway... I want to talk to Don Percy if he is still alive. I don't know if i can fight this. Please remember us in your prayers.

    Evil this is important to me or I wouldn't ask. If you don't want to talk to me I understand.

    I just don't want to leave my kids or grankids just yet. Traci & Heidi turned out so good.
    I would just like an opportunity to be Mom and gramma

    Little Debbie
    Keith, Harry has been sharing some of the storys of the past with me. Wow those days were something else, aint ever gonna happen again, nothing even close.

    Happy Holidays to you and JAMMY,

    eric Petersen
    Keith its Rozz from Albany NY you know the really big bald guy. i saw a recent post from you on the forum that you were working on an autobiography. I cant wait to see that, do you have any idea when it will be available?
    thanks Rozz
    Hope you and Jenny have a great Holiday
    miss you on the forum brother, tried to send you an jam a message, but box was wishes
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