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  • I like the hit of Mezz shafts, though never tried the WX900. I think I did the WD700. Great hit, but quite a bit more deflection than the Z, for example. I guess according to what I said, the non clear tip might have a hair less deflection. That clear pad weighs something. Mike Dechaine wanted me to put an extra clear pad so he would have *more* deflection! You can message me on FB if you want. Kerry McAuliffe. We are probably friends lol
    I wish I could offer you more conclusive answers, but I have to say what I know and what I don't know. I can say for sure though that the tip *will* influence deflection. I personally play with a Kamui Black clear medium, generally on the taller side, and very round. This setup works great. I plan to try the Ki-Tech medium hard as my next tip. Hope this helps. LMK if this makes any sense lol.
    What I can say is that generally speaking, it seems like Uni-Loc joints tend to have very low deflection, all other things being equal. It isn't my favorite joint, but some can be awesome. I play with 3/8-10. I have a 4" extension between the butt and shaft, custom made and very light weight. I use a G10 3/8-10 pin on the shaft side. I swear I get less deflection out of my OB and Predator shafts on this setup than without the extension. I know G10 pins can flex some, so I would say that the joint on my cue *might* allow a bit more shaft movement, which could possibly explain the perception that I and others have had that mine is very low deflection.
    I have also read that a harder tip may give a tiny bit less deflection than a soft tip. Personally I think the tip *size* makes the biggest impact. My guess would be that single layer tips are likely to have slightly lower deflection, since they are probably less dense and heavy than a layered tip. The Ki-Tech tips are very very nice, single layered tips. I just got a shipment of them and will be installing them on a few peoples cues, in various hardnesses. Check out my facebook page Kerry McAuliffe. I'll post pictures and feedback. I actually started a tip page, since I install tips. The page is KMRUNOUT Tips. I haven't used it yet but I am going to start. As for the joint, I do believe it can have an effect on deflection. I must admit that I don't have good data to claim that one type of joint is better than another.
    Hi! Curious is this *the* Mike Davis, pro player? Anyway I have experienced a similar thing. I've tried the new Meucci Pro shaft. One I loved, two I only liked. Those two seemed to have more deflection than the other one. Since wood is an organic substance, I think it is susceptible to variations of all kinds. However, I think the radial lamination process helps to "standardize" the differences. The Meucci shaft isn't laminated, so the differences there are more understandable. For a Predator shaft, I really believe the biggest differences in deflection would be due to the tip. In particular, how tall the tip is and to a lesser extent what type. I very big tip essentially adds some mass to the end of the shaft, which directly increases deflection. It seems that the least deflection comes with a fairly short tip. I have read that a dime radius gives slightly lower deflection than a nickel or flatter shape.
    Wishing you a great birthday today, Mike. Haven't read the results of the Florida Poison tournament yet, but last I checked, you were in the money. Nice way to start your birthday. Ka-ching!

    Congratulations, Mike. I was pulling for you to win the whole shebang. You still done good to come in second place. Good for you!
    HEY MIKE!! How have you been? Would you like to be on my apa masters team so we can got to VEgas for free? lol.. Well i am kinda serious...Fuller plays on a team out of Chapel Hill..
    your page says that you have no visitor messages and well that just cant be aloud so im leaving a little comment ;) Now if only you played alittle better pool you might have some more messages!! keep practicing...lol.
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