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  • Jim

    you around? Checking in on my JP's and snakewood cue from a few years back
    Not sure of exact weight but agree about the other 20+ cues. I don't use the one's I have. I know the cue well and if I didn't know John and couldn't build one like it, it'd be in my collection. The market is CRAZY, seems to be on again/off again! One day one builder is hot and the next he's not. Just can't understand w/ his history why his cues aren't more marketable at this time. Take care and have a great week!!! I just THOUGHT I was going to make it to his shop today!!!
    Jim: I was looking at it. If it were about 19 to 19.5 oz and had an ivory joint, I probably would have jumped on it. To add to my 20 other cues that I rarely use. Other than that, the market is pretty bad right now. Dennis
    Thanks for the info! The last several weeks have been pretty tough. Going to try to make it to John's Sun-have about 1/2 doz cues to finish. UV is a wonderful thing. Do you know of Trusdale(?) out of Eagle, Michigan? Shaft wood source!!! Martin is promoting pretty heavy and I spoke to him last night as an additional shaft and BE source. Sounds like a nice enough guy. Stay in touch and keep the info coming, one of these days I'm going to be able to crawl out from under this rock!!! Have a great weekend!
    Jim: They are having a 9 ball tournament at Red Shoes this Saturday. NCS qualifier for the Nationals. Should be some good players.

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