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  • Hey Steppo out was great seeing you Jim and John at the Derby again and thank you very much for the cigar, one of the best I've ever smoked!
    12 yr old???
    23 yr old or bust. :)

    There is a closed Pappy's group on facebook if your interested.
    I was scheduled to go to St. Louis to finalize my deal on the cnc w/ Nicklich on Fri. He advised me this afternoon that someone had sent him a money order paid in full for the cnc... Was suppose to pic up last weekend, but couldn't make the trip due to being sick. We made arrangements to finalize the deal this weekend and he sold out from under me!!! NOT HAPPY! What a POS... Any thoughts???
    You'll have to walk me through sending these photos. You'll have to stop by if nothing else. I'm having trouble pulling the trigger on the R. Melton case. It's beautiful, but want to get my cue building BS rolling...... Have a great day!
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