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  • Hey Dennis, I got a friend who will be PayPal you the $40 for the Danny Harriman video. I told him to make a note to send it to my.job with my name on it.
    i should have thought about you before i put this cue on ebay, but its done. i have an old school 360 tribute with a wood pin, if it doesnt sell i would be willing to send it to you and let you play with it for couple weeks, if you are interested. photos can be seen on ebay in the cues for sale section under chuck starkey 360 style splice or item number 200953226466. thanks chuck starkey
    It's an ill wind...My summer course just was cancelled so I'll be at the full event, including the banquet. Are you coming?
    Thanks for the Birthday Wishes. I had planned to fly out to New Jersey on my birthday to see the start of the Straight Pool Tournament but Irene had different plans for me, so I spent a quiet day at home with the wife.
    Hope you enjoy your birthday today with friends and loved ones. May the coming years bring you much happiness.

    Hello. I sent you a PM, but your inbox may be full. In any event, I am told that you may know how to get a copy of Danny Harriman's 14.1 video. I am interested in obtaining a copy if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thanks and have a great day.
    Sausage: I think accu-stats would want him to do it in Jersey so they could make the dough. I know Pat has invited him up before.
    Cdryden: I mainly only play straight pool but Red Shoes where I play in one of my leagues is a great one pocket joint and the owner John Lavin is very cool about matching people up, cheap, no money whatever. Some of the guys play some nine ball, too. drop me an email when you get this way
    Hi Dennis,
    stevekur1 suggested I contact you for info on the Chicago pool scene. I aint looking to knock anyone's action I just want to find a decent game with a mid range skilled player. I'm not looking for big action and I would be fine playing for nothing too. I play 8,9 and 10 ball and a little one pocket. I will be in Chicago in November, probably at red shoes. Any help you can give would be appreciated.
    Hi Dennis,
    Just a note to let you know I am now in Chicago!
    I have moved back here to take a job with a friend and I spoke with Jim Parker yesterday.
    I then went down to Willow Springs and he gave me the grand tour of the Illinois Billiards Club...and it is amazing!
    If things work out I might even get to play there soon.
    Never did get to put in that session with Marop though ... maybe some day some where I will still get that opportunity.
    It is a small world afterall.
    Best Regard,
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