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    Finding the Desire to Play the Game

    Learn something new (shot or game). Teach someone, igniting their spark might rub of on you and also twist the knife into someone you don't like might get that fire burning and blood boiling again. Extra money helps also. You might need 1 or more of these. What was the reason for the desire in...
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    Need advice for an 89 Richard Black. Butt Fix

    I bought an 89 Richard Black. Ivory Joint and Ferrules perfectly straight. Delrin Butt Cap My problem is that the cue had a tink or rattle in the Butt End. I removed the Weight Bolt that connected the Butt Cap and Bumper to the cue. Cue has a Maple Core. Some loose Glue and what...
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    I am interested in a cue made out of African Blackwood?????????

    After talking to a cue maker about woods used for musical instruments & doing some research. I am interested in a forward balanced cue made out of African Blackwood. (Merry Widow) I am not a cue maker!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it is a very heavy wood. Is it possible to make a 20-21 ounce cue without...
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    Will the World !0 Ball be show on Sopcast or TV?

    Just wondering, please let me know????? Michael