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  • congratz to your amazing *dvd trailer* nathan,
    keep on with excellent quality.-work !
    greetz from germany,
    Hi,,,thanks. I know I sometimes come off as too harsh, but if you actually heard me TALKING you wouldn't think so. I'm only opinionated. Not to get into any long diatribe, I haven't commented on anyone's posting of his pics, but now all of a sudden you're seeing a lot of people posting their jpg's. I mean honestly,,,they're cr@p and my point has been proven. They're all posting their photos like they think they're good.

    I wasn't trying to be flippant when I said you should shoot your own. I HAVE NOT SEEN ONE GOOD POOL PHOTOGRAPHER YET. A good photo takes time to set up, not just lay low on any old shot to get them steely eyes of a pool player.

    Good luck in your search. If you're REALLY interested and want to pursue, I suggest you go OUTSIDE the pool enviroment and get a REAL photographer who understand photo history,,,maybe a serious someone in photo school, and have him or her come to a poolroom with a fresh eye. Then you won't get that tired sh!t. good luck
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